XAML – (Learning Development for Windows Mobile 7 – Silverlight)

Its still early days for Windows Mobile 7.  But being one of those species who used to develop applications for Windows Mobile 5.0 – 6.5, just got interested to know what was new in Windows Mobile 7.  This curiosity led me to a path of exploration, which is what i would be sharing in different posts related to this series.

One of the most important technologies that Windows Mobile 7 extensively uses for application development is Silverlight. The – Learning Development for Windows Mobile 7 – Silverlight series – mainly focuses on the Silverlight aspect of Windows Mobile 7.

This post won’t cover much of Silverlight. I will cover that in some other post.  In this would like to focus more on a language called as XAML.

XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) is a declarative language that enables you to create and initialize .Net objects in XML.

Everything that we can do in  XAML, can also be done using code.  However XAML removes the language dependency required for building a User Interface i.e any person who is not familiar with .Net languages can also build the UI required for applications.

The XAML format enables a user to easily visualize a hierarchy of elements while separating presentation from code (i.e display\creation of UI is seperated from the implementation details such as handling of  button clicks etc..).


Reference – Silverlight 4 in Action

(To be continued)


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