when does an DSLR camera help over point and shoot one

How would it help in having a DSLR , than a point and shoot?

A point and shoot camera does not allow the user to control the shutter speed and the aperture. The camera decides whether the settings are perfect to get a a good quality picture (i.e proper bright picture) and then does auto focus and takes the snap. In such conditions it is difficult to carry out activities such as panning, low shutter photography or high speed photography (i.e freezing the frame). All this things might get caught if you have a stint of luck on your side (i.e just clicking the button and hoping that you might get one of these effects as controlling the settings are not possible.) But in SLR this is possible.  Point and shoot are generally useful for landscape photography or still photography (i.e people standing still – note that this is different from high speed photography where capturing a frame of a fast moving object) .

Instances where you want to do panning and in the next minute freeze a fast moving object is not possible in point and shoot cameras… for that you would require to set the shutter speed and this is possible only in SLR cameras.


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